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Vaccine Titers: A New Alternative For Pets

May 15 2023

Vaccines have been in the news a lot over the past few years, and have become a very hotly-debated topic. We’ll leave political debates to others, but we do want to note that, when it comes to pet vaccinations, there are alternatives that many people find appealing: vaccine titers. A local Aurora CO vet offers some information in this article.

Core Vaccinations

Most of the vaccines that are offered to pets have been around for years, and have played a huge role in combating deadly diseases, such as rabies. Most people understand the importance of these tried and true vaccines. Things get a bit fuzzier when it comes to booster schedules, however. Does your pet actually need a booster every year or two? You may have some elbow room here.

Titer Testing

Titer testing is an alternative vaccine schedule, not an alternative to vaccines in general. Rather than scheduling a pet’s vaccine boosters at specific intervals, the booster schedules are determined by measuring the levels of antivirus that are still present in a pet’s system, using tests known as titer tests. Antibodies typically stay in a pet’s body for years. With this method, boosters are only given once those levels have dropped below a certain threshold. At that point, the vaccine may no longer be strong enough to protect your furry buddy. That means it’s definitely time for a booster.


Why opt for titer testing over traditional vaccination schedules? It’s ultimately a personal choice. Vaccine titers are often a good choice for those who worry about over-vaccinating. Pets who have certain sensitivities or allergies may also benefit. Greyhounds, for instance, are extremely sensitive to chemicals. 

The main thing is that pets are still protected against dangerous diseases. The importance of that can’t be understated. Rabies, for instance, is actually the deadliest disease in the world. The survival rate after the onset of symptoms is less than one percent!


Vaccine titers aren’t going to be the best option for all pets. They aren’t suitable for puppies and kittens, who need vaccines to build those antibodies in the first place. Also, if you plan to board and/or travel with your pet, you’ll need documentation proving that your furry pal is current. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you want to learn about vaccine titers? Contact us, your Aurora CO pet clinic!

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