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Meet the folks who make it all happen. We see big potential in every moment, and care deeply about what we do every day.

Danielle Rope

Practice Owner, Veterinarian

Danielle Rope, DVM, MPH

Dr. Danielle has been rescuing and nursing injured animals back to health since she was a small child. Her summers were spent on her relative’s ranch in Montana, where she reveled in being surrounded by so many animals. This experience, coupled with a strong interest in both science and biology, made it clear at a very young age that Dr. Danielle’s calling was to one day become a veterinarian. As the owner of Whole Pet Wellness Veterinary Services, she is thrilled to be living her dream each and every day!

Dr. Danielle received her BS in Animal Science and Management from University of CA, Davis. During her time there, she also competed on the track and cross country teams, which was a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Upon graduation, Dr. Danielle was accepted into veterinary school at UC Davis, where she studied both large and small animal medicine. After receiving her DVM degree, she completed a year-long internship at a specialty and emergency practice in the Bay Area. She then accepted a position at Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital, where she would practice for the next seven years.

Following her time in CA, Dr. Danielle relocated to Denver, where she spent some time at an in-home end-of-life veterinary service. This experience brought to light the invaluable nature of house call visits for dogs and cats. Allowing them to stay in their comfortable and familiar environment significantly reduces stress and leads to a more accurate wellness assessment compared to the clinic environment. This prompted a desire to start Whole Pet Wellness in 2015, where Dr. Danielle could take a more integrative approach to traditional western medicine, focusing on what is best for each individual patient.

Professionally, Dr. Danielle has a special interest in nutrition and whole food diets, as well as natural supplements to help keep dogs and cats healthy. She personally takes a more holistic approach to her own health and is passionate about doing the same for her patients. Providing in-home care and helping to avoid unnecessary stress on patients and their people is such an important piece of health care for pets.

At home, Dr. Danielle fosters rescue greyhounds, and has two of her own, named Steve and Susan. Susan is an introvert and needs her quiet time, while Steve is very much an extrovert and enjoys socializing with everyone. Then there’s Troy, a senior terrier mix who runs the home and has been Dr. Danielle’s adventure buddy for more than a decade. All three dogs are expert snugglers.

When she’s not busy running the practice, treating patients and tending to her own pups, Dr. Danielle can usually be found participating in her other lifelong passion: running – particularly ultramarathons. One of her most memorable events was running the Grand Canyon, from the south rim to the north rim and back, which covered about 50 miles in 16 hours. She also recently rode by bicycle across the entire state of Iowa in a fabulous organized ride called RAGBRAI.

Leila Hunt

Certified Veterinary Medical Acupuncturist

Leila Hunt, DVM

Hello, my name is Leila Hunt, DVM, CVMA and I am a 2000 graduate of Texas A&M University. I have worked in small animal practice in Texas from 2000 to 2007 and in Tennessee from 2007 to 2020. My family has just relocated to Colorado in April of 2020. I have worked in both corporate medicine as well as private practices and am very excited to personalize the care I can provide by moving into a house call based setting. I have a passion for educating clients and really taking the time to discuss ailments and care options so my clients can fully understand what is going on and together we can create a treatment plan that is best for your pet. I feel an educated client is a powerful one and the more you know the better you can care for your pets.

I enjoy dermatology and internal medicine cases as well as geriatric pet care. I also like to focus on a healthy body with proper nutrition and supplements as a more natural way to support the body as much as possible to treat underlying issues (such as gut health) and not just treat with medication alone without looking for the why or safer long term options. I was feeling frustrated with what western medicine could offer my patients as they aged, so I sought out advanced training in acupuncture to be able to offer another modality to ease their suffering. I am now a certified veterinary medical acupuncturist. I have really enjoyed learning this new skill and have been very pleased being able to offer relief to my senior friends with mobility issues. Of course, it is not just effective for painful seniors, but many other health conditions and all ages of pets as well. I would love to bring this service to as many patients as possible and I think doing it in a home-based setting is really the perfect place for it. Pets are more relaxed at home and at the completion they can just continue their nap and not have to get up and travel back home. I am so excited to meet all of you and become a part of your family. I had a huge clientele in both states I worked in and it broke my heart to leave them as so many pets I had cared for since their first puppy or kitten visits, I cried, my clients cried, it was hard, it still is, I miss them terribly. I look forward to making those connections in our forever
home in Colorado.

A little personal info as I know it is fun to know a little about me as a person. I am a mother to 3 human kids and I have 2 dogs and a cat. One dog is an Anatolian Shepherd named Rooster (about 120 pounds) and the other a Chihuahua rescue named Hazel Birdie (about 7 pounds), they are a funny pair. I have one 15-year-old kitty named Penny. I also do some work as a professional photographer in my “free time”, haha, with 3 kids, there isn’t much of that. I love to dance, I currently take ballet and pointe and I am the oldest person in my pointe class by at least 30 years. Old dog, new tricks Like everyone in Colorado, I like to hike and be outdoors as much as possible. I do like to ski but I do not like going fast.