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Halloween Pet Hazards

October 15 2023

Halloween is just a few weeks away. The autumn holiday can be fun, but it can also be very dangerous for pets. You’ll need to take a few extra precautions to keep your furry friend safe over the next few weeks. A local Aurora CO vet lists some seasonal dangers for you to be aware of in this article.


Keep your four-legged pal in mind when decorating. Put anything small, sharp, and/or stringy in spots your pet can’t reach. That entails anything from smaller figurines to garlands and lights to fake spiderwebs. Many of these things are choking or entanglement hazards. Of course, Fluffy and Fido may also be very frightened of that moving alien or the singing skeleton.


That candy dish can also pose a serious threat to playful pets. Many of those seasonal favorites contain things that are toxic to pets, such as chocolate and raisins. Hard candies also pose an additional risk of choking, as do candy wrappers.


If you set candles out as decorations, take care to keep them in spots your furry best buddy can’t reach. Or, better yet, use flameless ones. You’ll also want to keep Fido and Fluffy away from fire pits and fireplaces.


There’s often more traffic than usual around Halloween. Keep cats indoors, and don’t let Fido run around off-leash. If you have a fenced yard for your canine companion to play in, bring him in before dark. 


Trick-or-treaters should never pose a direct threat. However, there is a possibility of pranksters. It’s also important to realize that some pets may become very frightened by a stream of costumed visitors. Keep Fido indoors as much as possible around Halloween. If you get a lot of trick or treaters, you may want to bring your pooch into a back room until the traffic dies down.


To be fair, Fido makes an adorable taco. However, always put your pup’s safety first. Don’t put him in anything that is too hot, tight, or constricting, or anything with small pieces or trailing ropes or strings. Last but certainly not least, don’t force Fido to wear clothes if he doesn’t seem comfortable dressing up. If your furry pal seems uncomfortable, you may just want to put a tie or bandana around his neck, snap his picture, and call it a day.

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Halloween Pet Hazards

Halloween is just a few weeks away. The autumn holiday can be fun, but it
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