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Eco-Friendly Pet Care

April 1 2023

April is Earth Month! As you may know, here at Whole Pet Wellness Veterinary Services, we are very interested in integrating modern veterinary care with natural healing methods. That definitely puts Earth month on our radar! A Highlands Ranch, CO vet offers some information on giving your four-legged friend a greener pawprint below. 

Reduce Chemical Exposure 

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in pets, and it’s not unlikely that exposure to toxins and chemicals play a role here. Limit your use of harsh chemicals. There are now many eco-friendly versions available of many household products. 

Veterinary Care

It’s not only cheaper and easier to prevent health issues than to treat them: it also conserves resources! Parasite control and vaccinations can go a long way here. We also can’t overstate the importance of having your furry friend fixed. That is a huge weapon in the fight against animal overpopulation. Keep up with your vet’s recommended appointment schedule.

Buy Wisely

If there was ever an area where you vote with your dollar, this is it. Get into the habit of reading labels. Opt for products that use natural, sustainable resources as much as possible. When possible, get things from local businesses. That’s also a great way to support mom and pop stores! 


Fresh, clean water is a must for both you and your furry bff. Consider getting your pet bottled water, or installing a filtration system. 

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

The original eco-friendly mantra is just as relevant today as ever. This is something pet owners can put into play in many ways. For instance, if you  rip an old T-shirt, turn it into a rope toy. Just cut it into strips, and braid the strips together. Keep doing that until it’s the size you want, then tie it off in a rope. Look online for more ways to upcycle things. 

Reducing waste is also important. Consider buying certain items in bulk. This will also save you money! Small changes, like using cloth instead of paper towel to clean, can also make a difference.

Pick Up

Dog feces is a major source of water contamination. Always pick up after your pooch! Buying degradable trash bags for Fido’s waste and Fluffy’s litter will get you an extra paws-up. 

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Highlands Ranch, CO animal clinic, today!

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