Denver Pets – Holiday Tips

Here are some of our best tips to prevent having to take your dog to the vet’s office this season:

1. Tree Ornaments: keep them high enough so they are out of reach of your dog or cat. Make sure any presents you put under the tree do not contain food or sweets.

2. Secure your tree: Make sure that it will not tip over if you cat decides to climb it or your dog jumps on it. Make sure they cannot get to the water in the tree stand- it can contain chemicals and bacteria that could make them sick.

3. Tinsel and candles: Many cats like to play with and may end up ingesting tinsel which can cause an intestinal blockage. Do not leave candles burning unattended- keep your pet from accidentally getting burned.

4. Avoid Holly, Mistletoe and Lilies: These plants can cause severe stomach upset if ingested. Lilies can cause kidney failure in cats. It’s best to opt for plastic plants or real plants that are safe for pets.

4. Resist the urge to slip your pet some of your yummy holiday food. Foods that are high in fac can really wreak havoc on their gastrointestinal system. Make sure you ask house guests not to give your pets any of their food.

5. Foods that ARE okay to give your furry friend (in small amounts with no seasonings or sauces): Plain raw or cooked carrots or green beans, white turkey meat, plain sweet potato or pumpkin.

6. Anxiety with house guests: Some dogs and cats can get very anxious and nervous when there are new people in their home. Make sure they have a room where they can go to get away from the noise and activity. You can make the room a soothing environment by keeping lights low, play calming music and diffuse some lavender oil.

Denver Mobile Vet Wellness, Holiday Help – If you run into any of these problems get in touch or contact us and we’ll be there for you!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss holistic options to help keep your pet calm during the holidays, reach out to us on Facebook.

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