5 Things You Need If Your Dog Loves To Roll In Gross Things

Does your dog bask in the odors of feces and rotting carcass? Does he or she squeal with joy when smearing disgusting matter all over their neck and body? Do you get tired of rushing home or to the nearest facility to cleanse your dog of some offensive smell?

If you have a dog in your life, chances are that at least once, you’ve gone to give your dog a hug and were immediately repelled by some horrific odor.

So why do dogs love to gross us out? It’s likely a predisposition handed down from their wolf relatives. In wolves, it is referred to as scent rolling. Scent rolling has been studied in wolf packs and a few theories have come to light as a result.

  1. Research has shown that when a wolf comes upon a new smell, it will roll on it to cover the neck and shoulders in the smell. It will then go back to the pack where the other wolves investigate the smell.This is thought to be a way of sharing information.
  2. The other theory is that wolves roll in smelly things in order to cover up their own scent. This enables the wolf to sneak up on it’s prey, leading to more successful hunting.

These behaviors are instinctual in dogs making it nearly impossible to train them not to roll in smelly things. The best way to prevent rollingin smelly stuff is by keeping your dog on leash or at least being very vigilant so you can stop it before it happens.

In case you are not able to get to your dog before they start rolling in something nasty, here are a few things you need to help make your life easier.CARRY THESE THINGS IN YOUR VEHICLE WHEN YOU TAKE YOUR DOG OUT

  1. Disposable latex gloves: Wear these when handling or washing your dirty dog
  2. Portable dog shower: Attaches to your car window and has a 6 foot hose and shower head. Click here for more info.
  3. Dog shampoo
  4. Clean towel
  5. Hand sanitizer

Having these supplies on hand will keep that smell off you and out of your car and home.



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